Thoughts about Narrative Psychology

Our life, in part, is a collection of Stories. Stories we tell ourselves. Stories we repeat. We repeat them to ourselves and echo others – our parents, friends, movies, books, colleagues, society, advertisements. It can be said that our life is a collection of Stories, just as our personality is made up of fragments of many introjects, many other people. We are composed of numerous examples of people who are important to us. And ideas, of course.

We can repeat Stories, and we can create new ones. And here's where it gets interesting. We are capable (and some are exceptionally good at it) not just of adapting but of changing our lives by creating new Stories. We can stack, multiply, divide by modulus, fuse, abstract, compose pure fiction and apply it profitably in life to solve the most common yet complex life problems. Simply through Stories.

By the reference points or baselines.

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My world is in my head. Your world is in your head. Your friend's world is in her head. Your friend's world is in his head. These worlds intersect. You can change these worlds, and most importantly, you can change your own world to benefit you. The process of forming new conclusions goes hand in hand with development and knowledge, and a new reality is created through a New Story that we begin to tell ourselves and believe in. Tremendous power is concentrated in this process. I believe it is almost the most potent thing a person can do. A coin doesn't have two sides.

A coin has a million sides, just like the truth - it's what benefits me.

A free person is free to create Stories and impose their Stories on other people. This is how advertising works, to some extent, this is how Human Happiness works, this is how micro-collectives and entire countries work.

Feeling overwhelmed? Develop a New Story and look at life from a different perspective. Preferably from a sharper, cooler, and more evolved angle. After all, most of the Stories we repeat are standard, and because of that, they can be dull and banal, or even harmful. Or not very helpful. We often swap soap for a needle, and vice versa.

A repetitive harmful Story - it destroys. Recognize it and change it.

Fast businessman with a car wins against the competitors. Concept of business success and competition

I come to the realization that the stronger, smarter, wiser, and more developed a person is, the more complex, cool, and creative Stories they create. And they live by them. By repeating Stories in our minds, we change our real lives. Every minute, every day, every week, but breakthroughs occur less frequently. One could say there's Evolution in thinking, and there's Revolution in thinking.

The ability to tell a story to other people is a distinct skill that can be developed. It requires motivation and inspiration.

Do yourself a favor, please, and become better today: analyze the Stories you've been repeating in your head lately, and perhaps even over the past few years. Question them. 🙂 

I wish for you to feel completely free in creating and modifying Stories that benefit you and make you, simply put, happy and full of energy. When you have happiness and energy, you are more useful to this world. To a great extent, such simple and complex things as happiness and energy depend on the Stories we tell ourselves.

This works in business, personal life, sports, religion, and politics. It works everywhere there are people.

The power lies in consciously (and even unconsciously) creating new Stories that benefit you, society, and the people around you. But most importantly, they benefit you. However, it's not without its challenges: how certain are you that you know what's beneficial for you? Do you think taking a car loan is beneficial for you? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. There are pitfalls everywhere. That's why you need to test. Test a lot and, for those with short memories, record the results of experiments. For those with long memories, record succinctly and in bullet points, so you don't forget the password.

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Stories, stories, stories... My main point is this: boldly create new progressive Stories for the gradual achievement of a black belt state in living your life awesomely. Like an architect in The Matrix, create the architecture of your life and live in it. Be flexible to change when the world around you changes. Don't get stuck in old Stories. Although the timeless wise Stories-truths, proven over millennia, I believe you should preserve and use. One of such Stories: have 100 rubles and have 100 friends, but more friends!

PS: When creating new Stories, please, follow the law. So you won't have to come up with a Story about why it's cool to be in prison, even though you can read a lot of books there, including the Bible. After all, there are so many Stories in it!


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